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With record numbers of humpback whales (30,000+) migrating up Queensland’s coast and back to Antarctica through Noosa’s waters between July and the end of October, there are many wonderful sightings of these amazing mammals. If you’re lucky enough to see (or hear) a whale, it’s something you’ll never forget.

Here are some of the ways you might enjoy this incredible experience in Noosa and nearby:

  • See them from the land at vantage points around Noosa
  • Take a kayak tour from Noosa and keep a look-out
  • Join a whale-watching boat tour from Mooloolaba, Brisbane or Hervey Bay – all are just a day-trip away and you can be back in Noosa for dinner
  • See them from the air on a scenic flight
  • Swim with them.

Spot whales from land
Whales and their newborn calves can be spotted from vantage points along the eastern beaches from Sunshine Beach to Sunrise, Peregian and Coolum, where a coastal boardwalk provides great viewing.

Whales can also be seen from the Noosa National Park headland if they are in close. Just look for the spray of water into the air as they “blow” when they rise to the surface to breathe. Or look for a splash anywhere between the offshore buoys and the horizon as they poke their head, fin or tail out of the water. There will also be a gigantic splash as they breach, launching their whole bodies out of the water.

Tours from Noosa
Noosa Ocean Rider and Noosa Thriller are jet boat thrill rides that tour the waters around the Noosa National Park headland where they often see dolphins – and whales at this time of the year.

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